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 Went to Tall Stories’ show based on Something Else at

the Chelsea Theatre.     It’s strange watching something

I've written acted out on stage. Hey! There’s the yellow

armchair Chris drew - an exact replica! There’s the house

on the windy hill!     And that window at the top is a boy's

bedroom! There are the tennis-playing giraffes! Cool! And

there’s Something Else - weird, blue, full of hope and right in every way. So much so that when they start to sing “This is the day, the big day. . .” I want to cry. Luckily all around me the audience are gazing at the stage, so who cares?

   I appreciate the show more each time I go. The story has been interpreted with real wit and care. The gibes from the creatures who won’t let Something Else join in are spot on. The songs are funny and touching. And the cast are great. I feel very grateful to Tall Stories, for doing such a splendid job.

   The run ends today in London, and on the 27th in Maidenhead, but there will be shows around the UK from Feb-April 2010. And workshops in schools too. So the show will go on. All in all, a very good day.

   Outside the snow is melting. I read Elizabeth Hardwick on Jane Carlyle, and make a quick trip to the office to finish a page of the revised Coast to Coast guide. On the way home I try turning Troll Wood (my new story, with no trolls in sight) into a stage show in my head. I try to see the characters and imagine what they might say or sing.

   The last thing Something and Something Else say in the show is

“Merry Christmas!”

   I’ll say the same.

   Merry Christmas! With luck we'll all be back in 2010.  

Favourite children's

books about Christmas:


Stick Man

Julia Donaldson and

Axel Scheffler


Father Christmas

Raymond Briggs


A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

SomethingElse Something Else poster for Tall Stories show at Chelsea Theatre, Dec 2009